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“Bonsai Matsuyoshi” is a international bonsai exporting shop managed by Hanaori Matsuyoshi nursery. we are waiting for our customers with from shohin to middle size, lots of black pine, red pine, white pine, junipers, satsuki azalea,japanese maple, japanese quince and so on.
we are profetional especially exporting to asian coutries,EU and US. We have a confidence that our experience of exporting bonsai plant will not defeated by any other online bonsai shop! As you know, there are different quarantine demand by each countries, but we can pass all demand and get phitosanitary certificate.
all line-up are posted carefully selected bonsai and material seedlings suitable for each countries. and there are notice page of the process to import live plant to your country.
there you will know what you need to do for personal import of bonsai plants.it’s not so difficult.
So all you need to do is to see beautiful bonsai of our shop and enjoy shopping.


Products that can be sold by country of residence are different for bonsai. Please choose your country of residence.

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